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About Us

Have A Better Day!

Owner with family

Our Story

Years ago, I found myself as a school teacher buried in student debt. I started window cleaning to earn some extra money and literally, give myself a Better View of life. I wanted people to know my business by its standard of excellence and trustworthy operations. The business grew and I decided to transition from teaching school to full time window cleaning in Tulsa.

Now, with Better View, I’ve found more motivation to serve the people in Tulsa, Jenks, Owasso, and surrounding areas. At Better View, we look to help college students working their way through school by providing them a worthwhile job with a flexible schedule.

Along this journey, I also met my wife, Jessica, and we have three boys: Augie, Duke, and Bo.

Have a Better Day 😊

Matt Schroeder

Our staff are team members who have proven character and a strong work ethic. It starts with a background check for everyone and continues as we work with them in our training courses. All of our team members graduate from Better View U.
Person cleaning the glass window of the building
Rain on the window
If it rains within 7 days of your cleaning and the glass is not spot free, call us and we will come back and polish the spots clean.

About Us

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We believe trust is important. In order to keep your glass secure, we are fully insured. All of our team members receive background checks, and you’ll always know who we are when we arrive in our signature Better View Blue uniform.

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Our communication sets us apart from our competitors. Once we decide on your service date or maintenance plan, you’ll recieve notifications confirming your date, time, and the team member ready to serve you. Contacting us is easy to do by replying to any email or text we send. You can also reach us directly by phone.

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We are ready for the grime, dirt, and minerals that build up on your glass, pavement, or exterior siding. But, we go further by being considerate of your interior furnishings and your exterior decor. We even offer a 7 day rain guarantee to ensure nothing prevents you from enjoying your clean glass.

Our Team

David Jackson


Brandon is a hard-working team member with an incredible ability to adapt to any work situation. He is strong in his principles and is willing to do extra to make sure a job is done with excellence. He is a graduate of Better View U and loves hunting, fishing and reading. In the future, Brandon is looking to better himself through on-the-job education in the window cleaning trade.

Triston Blank


Treston excels in making people feel comfortable and is patient when he is on the job. He is a graduate of Better View U and looks to solve problems if they were to arise. He loves watching football on the weekend and spending time with his four daughters. Treston wants to grow to be a dad his daughters can respect and rely upon.



Dylan joined our team in 2019 after moving here from Mississippi. He is working with the goal to finish his Associate’s Degree and then continue earning a degree in exercise science. He is a graduate of Better View U and enjoys disc golf and gaming.
David Jackson


Zach came to us all the way from Alaska. He enjoys fishing and anything outdoors. Not only is he a graduate of better View U, but he also enjoys working out and spending time with his family.
David Jackson


When Kirby is not working hard at cleaning windows, he is building computers, or fishing and kayaking at the lake. Kirby hopes to earn his veterinarian technician license and earn a degree in herpetology.

David Jackson


Grant enjoys maintaining saltwater aquariums and rounds of disc golf on the weekend. He enjoys spending time with his family and cycling too!

David Jackson


When not working to give our clients a Better View, Cade is playing basketball and hanging out with his dog. He already comes from a big family and hopes to build a family of his own one day.

David Jackson


Terry is goal driven and looking to accomplish big things in his life. He hopes to have a private terrarium one day. While not cleaning windows, he is playing sports and hanging out with friends.

Business Hours

  • Monday—Friday: 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Saturday: 8:00AM-4:00PM
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